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Zestfull 5 with Rosie

Zestfull 5 with Rosie

Rosie - zestfull 5

What’s zestier than an allergy girl flexing her baking skills on the Great British Bake Off? Rosie is a GBBO Semi-Finalist from Season 2019. She showed those judges that food allergies will in no way hinder her or allergy folks from shining in the kitchen.

Rosie has severe nut allergies, nonetheless, you can catch her creating lots of allergy-friendly recipes over on Instagram, from dinosaur cakes to amazing loaves of bread. When not in her kitchen, you can find Rosie surrounded by animals because she is a Veterinarian!

What Rosie is loving… 

This November Rosie is finding zest from sharing the changing seasons and happy endings. Take it away Rosie!

ONE | Seasonal baking. Christmas recipe development is well underway – I love the excitement when people find versions of their favorites that they can not only eat – but are easy to make too.

TWO | Teaching. I’ve started teaching baking classes online and have had so many requests for dairy-free or egg-free alternatives – I love that everyone can be involved!

THREE | Autumnal dog walks. Lockdown is hard and can be a bit lonely for many people. I have three dogs to walk and a horse to exercise – getting outdoors and exercising in the fresh air helps so much with staying positive.

FOUR | Stories with happy endings. I’ve spent the past few months fostering a pregnant cat – she left for her new home yesterday and the kittens are happily settled in their own lovely forever homes.

See Also

FIVE | Discovering new allergy-friendly brands – loving Food Thoughts chocolate at the moment.

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About The Zestfull 5

The Zestfull 5 is a corner of our magazine that peeks into what other atopic folks are loving. From a book, they can’t put down, a lip chap they have no idea how they lived without it, to what’s cooking on repeat in their kitchen. This is a tiny spot to find out what someone is getting up to because there is so much more to life than food allergies and this is where we celebrate that.

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