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Six Peanut Butter Alternatives for Allergies

Six Peanut Butter Alternatives for Allergies

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A round-up of our six favorite peanut butter alternatives for allergies from people who manage a peanut allergy. We’re also including options for store bought peanut butter without peanuts and recipe suggestions using the best nut butter alternatives.

Why do we need a nut-free alternative to peanut butter?

According to Food Allergy Research Education, 6.1 million people in the USA have reported having a peanut allergy. What is even more interesting is that peanut is only the 3rd most common allergen after shellfish and milk. 

In addition, peanut butter seems to pop up everywhere because it is loved by so many people. If you have food allergies, it can be tough navigating all the places peanut butter shows up; like when traveling, in school and in desserts! We know what that’s like because we also live with a peanut allergy.

Luckily, today there many options for a nut free alternative to peanut butter. In Zestfull style, we want to share with you the many options available and our best loved ways to enjoy all the peanut butter alternatives for allergies. 

Move over peanut butter, hello no nut butter!

Most people automatically think of peanut butter as the most popular nut butter. For instance, people who can eat peanut butter enjoy it not only for its flavor but for the nutrition it packs with each bite. 

But, with allergies on the rise, demand for a no nut butter has increased. Therefore, as a result, food companies have thankfully responded with choices.

Today there are many delicious peanut butter alternatives for allergies that are made with seeds such as flax, chia, pumpkin and sunflower. You can even find unique peanut butter substitutes, no nuts: such as gluten free peanut butter, and peanut butter without peanuts made from watermelon seeds and chickpeas!

The best peanut butter alternative is not just for sandwiches

Sure, the classic PB & J sandwich is what many of us associate with when we think of peanut butter. However, the best peanut butter alternative also makes a great allergy friendly snack, dipped into fruit like apples, swirled into oats, or thrown into smoothies.  

Tasty peanut allergy safe snacks

Some of our favorites include:

Peanut butter without peanuts taste delicious in savory dishes too 

Peanut butter without peanuts also taste great in savory recipes that call for peanut butter. Simply substitute peanut butter (1:1 ratio) with your favorite peanut butter alternative like sunflower seed butter or WOW butter and in minutes, you’ll be enjoying this Asian Peanut Free Dipping Sauce or this Nut-free West African Peanut Stew

A peanut butter alternative for nut allergy is not just for people with food allergies 

To sum up, the number of nut-free schools and classrooms are increasing due to children entering school with nut and peanut allergies.  

Likewise, if you don’t live with a peanut allergy, it can feel daunting to find peanut butter without peanuts. If you can provide a list of safe options to family, friends and your school it will allow you to safely eat snacks together.

In addition, I’ve had many of our friends and other parents exclaim how much they love the alternatives more than peanut butter! 

Our favorite peanut butter alternatives for allergies


Peanut Butter Alternative No Nuts: Sunflower Seed Butter

Brands: 88 Acres & Sunbutter

88 Acres are the only ones I eat. They don’t look like peanut butter which is why I like them.

Allie, @miss_allergic_reactor

I love Sunbutter because it’s sweet, salty, and creamy. I also like that there are different varieties like crunchy and unsweetened, which work well for different recipes. I’ve been hooked on it since my first spoonful that I had as a kid! 

Amanda, Allergy Blogger @everydayallergenfree
Soy Butter

Peanut Butter Alternative Nut Free: Soy Butter

Brands: Wow Butter & Don’t Go Nuts

I could eat peanut butter as a kid and really liked it on sandwiches, with crackers, with chocolate, etc. even though my mom is severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts she still fed us peanut butter which I don’t think I’ll ever understand.

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Fast forward many years, I have three girls and all of them have (or had) nut allergies along with other allergies. We have tried many nut butter alternatives, but have found that my girls like WOW Butter the best.

For many years we couldn’t eat it because it is soy based which my girls couldn’t eat either. Once our two youngest passed their soy challenges, we tried WOW Butter. It smells exactly like peanut butter and I hear it tastes just like it too.

Laura, Owner @rusticscoop
Watermelon Seed Butter- Peanut Butter Alternatives

Peanut Butter Without Peanuts: New Spins

Types of alternatives: Watermelon, Chickpea, Granola

Brands: Field Trip, 88 Acres, Oathaus

The watermelon seed butter is very similar in taste to Tahini which is used in hummus. If you have a sesame seed allergy, it’s an amazing option to make your very own hummus without sesame. You can also enjoy this dipped into fruit.

For a fun peanut butter alternative for nut allergy folks, we love granola butter. It comes in so many delicious flavors and tastes amazing paired with dates or spread on toast.

almond butter

*Bonus! Best Peanut Butter Alternative: Almond Butter

Brand: Barney Butter 

Almonds are the one nut my daughter can eat. We love using Barney Butter BARE almond butter because the flavor is delicious, texture is smooth and there is no added sugar.  You can stuff their crunchy almond butter into dates with a little shaved chocolate on top and flaky sea salt as dessert! 


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