Founding Story

In the midst of the 2020 global pandemic, two friends; an allergy girl living in Berlin and an allergy mom living in Berkeley came together virtually to create Zestfull.

Our why

There are a lot of great organizations for people living with food allergies that focus on the newly diagnosed and provide information on the practical side of an allergy life, such as protocols and medical information.

However, we ask how do you navigate life with food allergies after you are diagnosed? What about mental health and well-being? What about the emotions you are bound to encounter? 

Through programs, resources and grants, Zestfull’s focus is to connect the global food allergy community, foster partnerships with diverse organizations and provide solutions to help empower, support and enhance the quality of one’s life with food allergies and allergic conditions. 

Our journey

We understand that food allergies are not just about food. We manage this chronic condition and know that food allergies, including asthma and eczema, impact the social, emotional and physical aspects of life.

Current research validates that there is a connection between food allergies and mental health. We are continually exploring this connection with the help of qualified professionals who also manage food allergies.

Our quest is to understand how to achieve a healthy mental state and live a zestfull, balanced life with food allergies.

Both our founders know what it is like to live with allergic conditions.

Shahla‘s two daughters manage eczema and asthma. Her youngest has multiple food allergies. Shahla went from knowing nothing about food allergies to diving headfirst into life as an allergy & eczema mom. She is here to help you along the way.

Kortney is your typical atopic march candidate starting with eczema as a baby, having her first allergic reaction at a few months old, developing multiple food allergies and managing asthma.