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6 Allergy-Friendly Home made Rice Krispie Treats

6 Allergy-Friendly Home made Rice Krispie Treats

A Decadent Allergy-Friendly Home made Rice Krispie Treats Round-Up!

Can you think of an easier allergy-friendly treat than the reliable rice krispie treat? Easy homemade rice krispie treats check every top allergen and gluten-free box, plus it is a crazy versatile base to pimp it up for any occasion.

Since the holidays are slowly creeping closer, and I bet will just spring up unannounced even though we knew they were coming, we wanted to share this round-up of Allergy-Friendly homemade rice krispie treats. These delightful homemade rice crispy squares make the perfect thing to bring as an allergy-friendly Halloween treat, a Thanksgiving meal or a cookie exchange, these guys have got your back!

My favourite part fo making allergy-friendly rice crispy treats as a kid was that I could lick the buttery spatula. I definitely channelled all the Julia Child back in the day, because butter made everything taste better! But if you have a dairy allergy, you aren’t missing out because there are so many options to make rice crispy squares safe for you.

Raspberry Chocolate Crunch is free from the top 8 allergens and gluten! It's a sweet crunchy treat with a touch of fruitiness from the raspberries.

Or if you are super lazy, like adult me, just mix some rice krispies with a bunch of melted chocolate and you are a winner! Like the above raspberry crunch.

Are Rice Crispy Treats nut-free?

All the rice crispy treats are nut-free recipes that are either naturally gluten free or have suggestions to make them allergy-friendly (see ingredient suggestions at the bottom of this post).

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