Zestfull works with companies, nonprofits and other organizations to educate, advocate and bring awareness to the social, emotional and physical aspects of living with food allergies. By combining our resources with partners, we aim to offer solutions that empower and enhance the quality of life and well-being of those affected by allergic disease.

Are you an organization that would like to become more allergy-aware, accommodating and inclusive to people living with food allergies, asthma and/or eczema? 

Zestfull has two facets: 

  • Providing online e-resources to the allergy community in the form of allergy-awareness panels, programs, guides, e-books and our website. 
  • Creating practical tools and insights that are translatable to your organization’s needs. We bring a unique evidence based patient perspective with the aim of bridging the gap between the allergy community and your organization.

With ongoing support from our partners, we can continue to create programs and resources that address the emerging needs of our community. 

Our Partners

Food Equality Initiative

At Food Equality Initiative (FEI), food is medicine. FEI subsidizes a direct-to-door delivery service and crafting fresh educational material, they ease the financial and psychological strain of a food allergy and/or celiac disease diagnosis on individuals and families.

Zestfull is proud to have a column in FEI’s Free-From Magazine.

Allergy Insider

Allergy Insider by Thermo Fisher Scientific is a one-stop shop for allergy education – understanding symptom triggers, highlighting accessible testing options, sharing tips for those living with allergic conditions and more.  

In partnership, Allergy Insider and Zestfull have collaborated on projects such as the Inside Your Allergy Diagnosis campaign and The Empowered Patient Program to raise awareness about allergy testing and symptoms.

Equal Eats

Equal Eats provides professional translation cards for people travelling with food allergies. With 50 languages available, their plastic wallet cards and instant downloads help ensure your allergy is understood across the globe.

Zestfull and Equal Eats are partnering in 2022 to host #AllergyIRL Panels about travel and curate resources to help those living with allergic conditions safely see the world.

Food Allergy Alliance

Food Allergy Alliance (FAA) connects individuals managing food allergies and EOE. Via monthly virtual group meetings, all aspects of life with food allergies/EoE – going to school, parenting, social situations, and more are discussed.

Zestfull will be partnering with FAA in 2022 to create more opportunities to connect individuals with the aim of supporting and fostering a more confident food allergy/EoE life.

“It has been such a pleasure partnering with Zestfull to provide support to those who have food allergies. Together we are able to create an educated community and empower each other to advocate for ourselves and others affected by food allergies.

– Emily Brown, Founder & CEO of Food Equality Initiative