The Empowered Patient Program

What does it mean to be an empowered patient?

How does allergy testing inform what type of allergic person you are? Has it been a while since you were re-tested? Or are you afraid of the results of a new test? There can be hurdles to overcome when getting an allergy test. However, we believe allergy testing is the foundation of being an empowered patient.

Having all the necessary information to advocate for my health equals empowerment to me. Just because you have food allergies, doesn’t mean you can’t live a full life.- Kortney 

In partnership with Allergy Insider, we are combining their evidence-based scientific roots and our real-life experiences to explore what it means to find empowerment through allergy testing.

Allergy Testing

Don’t you wish someone shared their story with you before you got tested? By sharing allergy testing stories, we don’t have to feel like we are going at it alone. 


To know is the win! Your story may help someone to improve ownership of their allergy plan and make choices based on facts, not fear.

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#EmpoweredPatient Community

Our #EmpoweredPatient community redefines what it’s like to live with invisible diseases such as allergic conditions.

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Why focus on allergy testing?

Did you know?…. Using allergy diagnostic testing has been shown to increase confidence in diagnosis to 90 percent1Duran-Tauleria E, Vignati G, Guedan MJ, et al. The utility of specific immunoglobulin E measurements in primary care. Allergy. 2004;59 (Suppl 78):35-41.2Niggemann B, Nilsson M, Friedrichs F. Paediatric allergy diagnosis in primary care is improved by invitro allergen specific IgE testing. Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2008;19:325-331..  And, allergy diagnostic testing can indicate whether you’re reacting to female or male dogs3Matricardi PM et al. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology 2016: 27:(suppl23):81 as well as if you’re sensitized to raw or baked versions of milk and eggs4EAACI, et al. Molecular allergology user’s guide. Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2016 May;27 Suppl 23:1-250. doi: 10.1111/pai.12563. PMID: 27288833. (157-166 p.) Available from:

Knowledge is power with allergen component testing.

Discovering which specific allergen proteins you’re sensitized to by using allergen component testing may help you understand your symptoms better, engage in a shared discussion with your providers, and help you to improve ownership of your allergy plan.

Whether you have oral allergy syndrome or a tree nut, peanut, or red-meat allergy, allergen component testing provides insight into your diagnosis.

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Sesame seeds


In honor of the new sesame allergen component test, we’ve created the ultimate guide for living with a sesame allergy. We cover why a sesame allergy diagnosis is tricky, challenges of a sesame allergy and tips to living your best sesame-free life.

This program is medically reviewed and approved by Rebecca Rosenberger, Associate Director of U.S. Clinical Affairs & Education at Thermo Fisher Scientific and a physician assistant specializing in allergy & immunology.

The stories within this program are personal experiences from patients shared with permission and are not intended to be direct medical advice.

The #EmpoweredPatient Program is supported by Allergy Insider, brought to you by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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