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Food Allergy Advice to My Younger Self

Food Allergy Advice to My Younger Self

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I recently wrote an article in Allergy & Asthma Today reflection on the advice I would give myself from what I learnt growing up with food allergies. The article was inspired by a blog post Food Allergy Advice to my Younger Self written for Allergy Awareness Week 2018 that asked a bunch of allergy adults the same question. 

The Food Allergy Advice to My Teenage Self article is the reason why I started the Allergy Inspiration & Advice from Adults series. I genuinely believe we can all help one another by sharing the hardships and mistakes so that no one else has to go through them (or if they are going through them at least to know they aren’t alone). 

Writing this article, I discovered some truths about my youth and how there were some situations I had not yet processed, like how I used my allergies as an excuse not to get close to people. As an adult, I feel much more secure and confident about my allergies but can sometimes see the insecure teenage me creep in. Now that I recognize where this comes from, I feel even more ownership of who I am and what role my allergies play in defining my sense of self. 

Food Allergy Advice

You can read the full article in the Allergy & Asthma Today magazine.

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  • As a mom of children with multiple food allergies, I really try my best to help them feel confident about their situation. However, I still feel that I’m missing something because I don’t have any food allergies. Thank you for sharing your stories. It gives me more idea on how my teenagers and pre teens truly feel especially now when they are in “that stage”.

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