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An Allergy-Friendly Reverse Advent Calendar!

An Allergy-Friendly Reverse Advent Calendar!

Allergy Friendly Holiday
Allergy Friendly Holiday

Join us for an Allergy-Friendly Reverse Advent Calendar!

Danielle (aka @allergictraveller) has gathered bunch of allergy gals together to participate in an Allergy-Friendly Reverse Advent Calendar, and we can’t wait for you to join us. 

What is an Allergy-Friendly Reverse Advent Calendar?

Instead of you getting a little surprise every day leading up to Christmas, you will donate an allergy-friendly food item to help food allergy families in need during the holiday season. 

As you are probably aware, food costs are much higher for people with food allergies. Items most commonly donated to the food bank are typically not allergy-friendly. The most common food bank staples being things like peanut butter, ramen noodles, and spaghetti.  

We want to help make sure all food allergy families have a filling festive feast this year! This is where you come into play. We will post a suggested item to donate to a local food bank of your choice. You can use our prompts or think of a one to 24 things that you feel would help a food allergy family. 

You can see all our suggestions here:

Allergy Friendly Holiday List

If going to the grocery store every day is too demanding, feel free to pick up multiple items at once. Or have fun and collect a few every time you head to the store over the next month. 

The last step is to chose whichever food bank you wish to donate the items, make sure to specify they are allergy-friendly and who they are intended for. If you need help finding a food bank, feel free to reach out to any of the Instagram handles below, and we can help direct you.

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Join us on social media

Please feel free to join along! Download the graphics and share them with your community! And if you share on social media don’t forget to tag us and use #allergyfriendlyholiday

Check out who is participating in the Allergy-Friendly Reverse Advent Calendar!

Follow along to see what items we are going to be donating. 

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