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How my food allergy diagnosis made me a more adventurous person

How my food allergy diagnosis made me a more adventurous person

How my food allergy diagnosis made me a more adventurous person

Post by Allergy Girl Kaitlin

Happy food allergy awareness week! This week is a chance to reflect and celebrate progress made as a food allergy community and as individuals!

I am reflecting on my food allergy journey after being diagnosed with an anaphylactic soy allergy two years ago. I can’t believe it has been two years already! So much has changed in my life, from the diagnosis to adapting back to normal life, and now planning for an exciting future.

When I was first diagnosed two years ago, I didn’t want to travel, eat out, or try new things. I was afraid of my own shadow. As I plan for a future filled with adventure, I now have a different perspective of how my food allergies have made me a more adventurous person.

How have food allergies made me a more adventurous person?

I am inspired to think globally.

Before my diagnosis, I didn’t have much of a view into different places in the world outside of North America. Today I have done crazy amounts of research into all the continents in the world to understand how I can get to them. I follow some amazing allergic travel bloggers that show me it’s possible!

I connected with a new community.

During the rough first few months of my diagnosis, I felt I had no one to talk to or relate to. I eventually built up the courage to connect with some fantastic food allergy bloggers like Kortney, as well as get involved with Food Allergy Canada. I found so much support through the food allergy community!

I gained a brand new role: food allergy blogging!

After connecting with Kortney about a year ago, she asked if I’d be interested in trying out blogging for the first time. Since then it has become a new hobby and therapeutic outlet for me. Not to mention I get to help others through my writing!

I fell in love with weightlifting and fitness for the first time in my life.

Being allergic to soy essentially means not eating any fast food, processed foods, or bread. When I first started my new diet, I was dropping weight fast. That’s when I decided to get a personal trainer and get strong. I learned to deadlift, do pull-ups and real pushups. I become addicted to the feeling of getting stronger!

I’ve tried more new foods, ingredients, and snacks than ever before!

Having a soy allergy means being creative with food. I have dabbled with many new cuisines including Asian (using a coconut based soy-free “soy” sauce) and Indian (making our curry). I have also tried many new allergy-friendly snack brands which I adore including FreeYum, Made Good and Enjoy Life.

Wow, look how adventurous I’ve been in the last two years. It surprises me! Now I am planning my next adventure challenges, which include:

• Knocking an allergy-friendly travel destination off my bucket list
• Learning to cook (I am a terrible cook!!)
• Trying new sports like swimming

How has your food allergy made you more adventurous? What are your next adventure challenges? Let us know in the comments!

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