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Zestfull 5 with Erin

Zestfull 5 with Erin

Erin, Texanerin Zestfull 5

Starting our Zestfull 5 for 2021 is Erin, aka Texanerin. Erin is from Texas, but has been living in Germany for the last 12 years (Berlin for nine years and Munich for three), hence Texanerin, what the Germans call a gal from the lone star state.

Erin has been providing amazing recipes on her blog Texanerin Baking for the past nine years. Her recipes include many options depending on your needs, and trust us they all work! Despite always offering allergy friendly alternatives, her food allergy journey only truly started when her son was four months old and developed eczema. She also discovered she had several unknown intolerances. Erin and her son manage gluten, cow milk, pork, soy, and peanuts allergies. 

Besides her love for baking, Erin is also into horror movies. 🤷‍♀️😆 

What Erin is loving… 

This month Erin is finding zest in relaxing, frying and smoking, smoking meat that is! Take it away…

ONE | Learning how to smoke meat. I miss smoked brisket.

TWO | My air fryer. I always thought that they were unnecessary contraptions but I just got the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 and am absolutely obsessed with it.

THREE | Planning little holiday parties for my family of three. We’ve been living lockdown life for almost a year and we’ll likely continue for another with the way things are going. These little holiday parties give us (or really just me) something to look forward to.

FOUR | Napping. This last year has been exhausting.

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FIVE | Kinetic sand. I got this for my son as a Christmas present but it is so relaxing to run my fingers through it that I ordered a 3-pack for the whole family to play with. If you have small kids and like to play with little construction vehicles, this stuff is AMAZING. Tens of minutes of quiet!

Want more of Erin? Check out her on Instagram, Facebook or her blogs, Texanerin or Food Doodles

A few items that are bringing zest to Erin this month

About The Zestfull 5

The Zestfull 5 is a corner of our magazine that peeks into what other atopic folks are loving. From a book, they can’t put down, a lip chap they have no idea how they lived without it, to what’s cooking on repeat in their kitchen. This is a tiny spot to find out what someone is getting up to because there is so much more to life than food allergies and this is where we celebrate that.

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