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Zestfull 5 with Emily

Zestfull 5 with Emily

Emily brown and family

As we come to the end of the year, we are very excited to share December’s Zestfull 5 guest. Emily Brown first came to our attention last December as we hosted an allergy-friendly food drive. We asked our community to donate allergy-friendly foods to their local food bank and to point out how they were meant for families who do not have access to this type of safe food. 

Emily is the Founder and CEO of Food Equality Initiative, a nonprofit with a mission to improve health and end hunger in individuals who must eliminate common foods from their diet to maintain health. Emily believes in the power of patients and works to eliminate health disparities with patient-led approaches.

Emily knows what it is like to have an atopic family. Both of her daughters are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Both girls have eczema and environmental allergies. Her youngest daughter has EoE and asthma. Emily also manages asthma.

If you are looking to give this holiday season we suggest giving to FEI, which will help get safe food to food allergy families. 

What Emily is loving…

This December Emily is cozying up with warmth from drinks, family and a furry friend!

ONE | Warm apple cider

TWO |Playing uno with her family

THREE |Playing with their new puppy

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About The Zestfull 5

The Zestfull 5 is a corner of our magazine that peeks into what other atopic folks are loving. From a book, they can’t put down, a lip chap they have no idea how they lived without it, to what’s cooking on repeat in their kitchen. This is a tiny spot to find out what someone is getting up to because there is so much more to life than food allergies and this is where we celebrate that.

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