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Zestfull 5 with food allergy musician Kyle Dine

Zestfull 5 with food allergy musician Kyle Dine

Kyle Dine with kids

“Food allergies rock! Food allergies ROCK!”, lyrics to live by. This month food allergy musician, Kyle Dine, the guy who wrote this classic food allergy song is sharing his Zestfull 5 with us. 

With over a dozen years of work in the food allergy space, Kyle has become a trusted food allergy educator who performs engaging allergy awareness assemblies in elementary schools across North America. His message promotes understanding, support, and empathy for those living with severe food allergies. 

Kyle is an active member of the food allergy community. An avid traveller, Kyle is the founder of Equal Eats which provides professional translation cards to help communicate dietary restrictions effectively in foreign languages. He is also a consultant for Food Allergy Canada, where he recently was awarded for his work in mentoring youth with food allergies.

To put it in Kyle’s words, he manages the trifecta! Asthma. Eczema. Food Allergies (peanut, tree nut, egg, fish, shellfish, mustard).

What food allergy musician, Kyle is loving… 

This month Kyle is finding ways to help cope with emotions, which we all know a year into a pandemic is very welcome indeed.

ONE |  Playing “pretend” with my 5-year old daughter. We dive into pretend worlds with countless characters and plot lines. For her, it’s a way to play through emotions and feelings. For me, it’s a fun way to connect and be constantly reminded that creativity is boundless. 

Check out Kyle rocking it out

TWO | My guitar. It’s a never-ending outlet for all emotions.

THREE | Free-From Baking. Some are failures, some are winners. Overall, there’s improvement!

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FOUR | My home gym that makes me excited to wake up early.

FIVE | Camping. Even when not camping, I love planning camping trips. We have many trips planned for the summer and the menu planning has already begun. Marshmallows… check!

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