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Welcome to Zestfull

Welcome to Zestfull

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Welcome to Zestfull!

We are so glad you’re joining us to celebrate life with food allergies. 

A food allergy diagnosis can feel like the whole world is crashing down on you. But it doesn’t have to. Yes, you, your family, or your child can thrive with food allergies. Take it from us!

We are Shahla, a food allergy mom, and Kortney, a food allergy adult. We believe the cup is half full when it comes to talking about food allergies. 

Both of us have been involved in the online allergy community over the past four years and felt that it was time to zest things up. We want to create a space where we share diverse voices and help foster community. We felt that an online magazine was the right format for our new journey. 

Yes, we will talk about the hard stuff too but will do so in hopes of spinning it around and showing that there is always a way, it may just be a more creative path.

Our mission is to celebrate life with food allergies. We can’t wait to bring you more through stories, posts and articles. 

What you can expect from Zestfull

Zestfull is broken into 5 main categories, EAT, LIVE, EXPLORE, LEARN and SHOP. We also have some fun series planned such as My Global Kitchen, Kitchen Tours and Zestfull 5.

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We will be posting two articles a week and two newsletters a month. You don’t want to miss out on the newsletter because they contain unique content just for our subscribers.

Want to know more? Join us on September 12 at 11 am EST on Instagram for a chai and a chat. Shahla and Kortney will be making a chai and sharing more about the Magazine. 

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