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Travelling to Copenhagen with Food Allergies

Travelling to Copenhagen with Food Allergies

Allergy friendly Copenhagen

If you are planning on travelling to Copenhagen with food allergies, get ready for some food fun! 

Allergy friendly Copenhagen

As life seems to go, I visited Copenhagen twice in the span of a week. The first time was for work. I was there for less than 10 hours, so I didn’t get to see much. The company we were visiting provided an incredible smorgasbord and got me an allergen-free salad, but I didn’t feel safe eating food I did not order. In the end, I opted for my own packed lunch. 

But, three days later, I met my family back in Copenhagen and got to truly experience why this city is known as a foodie hot spot. I know there is much more to travelling than eating, which means I don’t like to focus on the food side of a city. But recently, I have felt more brave about asking whether I can safely eat somewhere. Also, my family are big foodies and wanted to take advantage of being in Copenhagen for that reason. 

We called ahead to the two restaurants we went to and asked about our allergens (me and my dad). Both places were incredibly accommodating and went out of their way to find us safe alternatives. In one case, we asked the concierge for advice on where to eat and had him call ahead to explain in Danish.

Food allergy travel tip: ask the concierge to help you navigate restaurants and grocery stores. They tend to have relationships with restaurants, so you can trust that they will treat you well because of it. 

If you don’t have a concierge, you can check out how I approach a restaurant before booking and why I prefer to do it via email. 

So, do you want to know where I got food & drink?

Kortney eating in Copenhagen

Eating in Copenhagen with Food Allergies


Ok, this place is gorgeous! From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are in a fairytale. 

We had the three-course meal with the wine pairing. That’s how safe I felt. I drank wine and quite a bit! (I rarely drink alcohol when dining at a new place). We booked on short notice, but they were still able to make some slight alterations for my dad and me to have just as many courses and amuse bouches as the rest of our table. 

Host allergy safe food

They made me an entirely off the menu appetizer that was out of this world. I can still taste the buttery cabbage. I even got to eat dessert… twice! Since we got a pre-dessert before the one on the menu. 

There was one shacky moment with the pre-dessert because the other people at the table had a nut caramel sauce, and when I moved some stuff around on my plate, I noticed something caramel-like. They assured us that it was a pine syrup, but to be sure they would remake the two nut-free dishes. In hindsight, I trust it was just a syrup. However, I have to say that they handle this situation with so much grace. Instead of insisting it was safe, they went beyond to reassure us, and they took our allergies seriously. 

I would 100% recommend this place. It is a little pricy. But so worth it. I want to take my hubby to Copenhagen to eat there again!


This was a recommendation from our concierge. We were looking for a place that accommodated someone who doesn’t like fish, a vegetarian and two allergy people. So basically, a tricky group to feed. On top of that, we were all still dreaming of the meal from the night before. It was going to be a hard one to top. 

Our concierge did good! This place 100% gets what cross-contact is. They explained that many dishes are made on a griddle that also has a lobster shell on it and they could clean an area. But they didn’t feel it would be perfectly safe and recommended other dishes. LOVE THAT! They didn’t want to take any chances. 

And what was super cute, my sister and I ordered the same thing. To ensure that there would be no chance of getting my order mixed,-up they brought my main out first and my appetizer second. 

TorvehallerneKBH La Boca

I rarely eat at food halls. If I do, I usually get some fresh veggies and cheese because those are pretty safe for me. We decided to go to the food hall so that everyone would be able to find something that fit their needs. I was prepared to eat what I packed, but then I saw La Boca. I thought it would be ok to ask if I could eat one of their ready-made salads, since it was not very busy and I wouldn’t be holding anyone up. There were no allergens that I could see, so it was worth the chat.

Copenhagen with food allergies

They had the main ingredients listed – all I needed to know was the seasonings and how risky it would be to eat since food hall kitchens are pretty tiny. Low and behold, I could have the chickpea salad and a cookie!!!! 

I think that since I was alone, they weren’t busy, and I had nothing to lose; this worked out for me. The pair behind the counter was so sweet and open to answering all of my questions, including their all processes. This was a pretty exciting win to be able to have a cookie… from a food stall!

Coffee in Copenhagen

Joe and the Juice

Heads up, I love Joe and the Juice. I drank coffee from many of the locations in the city. If you ask them about allergies and to clean the steamer extra thoroughly, they will take the time to do so. 

They only make coffee from an espresso machine, some tea, and a whole bunch of juices. Once in Hamburg, they made me a safe juice by cleaning out the juicer beforehand (I have OAS and can’t do a bunch of raw fruits and veg). This only happened because it was super quiet there, so they had the time. Long story short, I have been to many J&Js all over the place. They have consistently been helpful and cautious.

Democratic Coffee

I grabbed an early morning java here with my dad. Since we were waiting for them to open, we both felt safe having a cappuccino as we were the first steamed milk of the day. This place is in a library, which is so fun! They also have the most amazing smelling baked goods. There were quite a few nuts, so we let our nostrils indulge. 

Bonus! A peek into a Copenhagen grocery store.


We have Netto in Germany, and to be honest, I am not a fan. It feels messy to me, so I avoid it. Netto is Danish, and there was one around the corner from our hotel, so I went to check it out with my mom. I also needed to grab a few supplies for the next day, since I wasn’t sure if I would find anything at the market for lunch and breakfast.

Slightly disappointing was that Netto in Copenhagen is also messy in Copenhagen.

Thank goodness for the google translate app that will scan text. Without it, I would have been lost. Since the language is utterly foreign to me, I looked for familiar brands and foods I know are most likely going to be safe. We only bought foods we knew like fruits, cheese, and Sunmaid raisins! I used the app to look for may contain and any other weird ingredients. 

Have you been to Copenhagen? I would love to know about your experience in the comments below. 

Traveling to Copenhagen with food allergies

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