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Travelling Melbourne with a Peanut Allergy

Travelling Melbourne with a Peanut Allergy

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy

Travelling Melbourne with a Peanut Allergy is a piece of cake, or pie, or burrito bowl! The food options are plentiful!

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy

Let’s just say you can eat pretty well in Melbourne when you have a peanut allergy or any other allergy as a matter of fact. My eating in Melbourne was composed of two things: burrito bowls and epic lentil salads.

The one thing about restaurants in Melbourne is they love their eggs and sesame!! So many, I mean SO MANY, places offer toast with smashed avocado, a poached egg, and a generous sprinkle of sesame seeds. Why all the sesame Melbourne? If I avoided restaurants with sesame seeds there would be few options, luckily everyone seems to be used to food allergies and have a protocol in place (or I just happened to find the right restaurants).

The Melbourne waitstaff and restaurateurs I came in contact with were all helpful, knowledgeable, and wanted to make sure I could have the best eating experience possible. They all demonstrated a great understanding of food allergies and made me feel very secure.

Now without further ado, here’s where I ate in Melbourne!

Eating in Melbourne with a peanut allergy


travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy

This place was my favourite eatery in Melbourne. Probably because when I explained my allergies to the waiter, they asked me whether it was anaphylactic. They knew about anaphylaxis! Bless my soul and jump for joy! This waiter was on it! Yes, this was a great dining experience. Yes, they had sesame in the kitchen. Yes, they cleaned a new workstation for me and made my lentil, tomato and burrata salad from scratch. And yes, it was delicious! Archie’ gets two massive thumbs up in all aspects from decor to food to service.

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy
What we ate at Archie’s: lentil & tomato salad, homemade tatertots with chorizo and fried eggs

I knew coming to Australia that there is a high amount of peeps with food allergies and was eager to experience dining out. A waiter asking about anaphylaxis takes the cake!

Archie’s is located in Fitzroy, which is a funky neighborhood to walk around and coffee shop hop. I would 100% go back again! Plus, it’s a great place to chat with a local or people watch.

South Melbourne Market: Canteen

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy

We just so happened to stumble upon the South Melbourne Market on our first day of exploring Melbourne. The market is a mixture of eateries and stalls ranging from butchers, vintage wares, and organic produce. It is definitely worth a visit and is a great place to stock up on veggies.

We ate at the Food Hall, where I got two mixed salads from Canteen. I chose Canteen because of its lack of visible sesame, and it’s selection of simple dishes. The owner was there and took the time to walk me through all of the ingredients in the salads. He even got the goat’s cheese from the storage so I could read the ingredients.

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy

The salads I had were: honey-roasted-carrots and lentil salad, and an orzo, fresh herb, heirloom tomato and marinated goat’s cheese salad.

I would totally recommend Canteen for something fresh and full of simple flavours that work perfectly together. And then a stroll through the market to digest and move on to your next meal whether it’s a hipster coffee, organic grapes, or a French pastry.

Bring on the Burrito Bowl

Something just told me I would be eating burritos bowls a plenty while in Australia. Man, was I right. I ate three burrito bowls in 5 days! I love burrito bowls. Thank you, Melbourne, for feeding that love! The bowls came from two places: Guzman y Gomez and Bay City Burrito.

travelling to melbourne with a peanut allergy
Guzman y Gomez: Veggie Burrito Bowl & the allergy menu

Guzman y Gomez is a chain very similar to Chipotle. The only difference is they have a set menu, and you can ask for variations of what they offer. I was able to eat the vegetarian bowl. All the meat is marinated in soy and they didn’t have the ingredients for the tacos. But I like veggie bowls better anyhow. There are no nuts or sesame at the establishment, and they use canola oil.

Bay City Burrito was a smaller restaurant. They make everything fresh to order with olive oil! It was a little pricey for the quantity of food. But when you are in a touristy place like St. Kilda I guess it is to be expected.

Both burrito bowls get two thumbs up. I have since been to Guzman y Gomez again in Mooloolaba! 😀

If you are a beer fan, Australia has some delicious craft beers! Like this one I drank fresh off the plane at 1000 £ Bend!

Did you have any great Melbourne eating experiences? Let me know in the comments below.

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    • Thanks Chrystal! They are so great with GF in Australia. I have never seen such a wonderful select of GF foods and options at restaurants.

  • It’s always hard eating out with allergies, thankfully I don’t have an a deathly allergy but it’s still so nice when restaurants are informed and willing to take extra precautions.

    • This is what makes food allergy peeps such good return customers! haha It us always so great to have a relaxed eating out experience.

  • Hi Kortney,
    I was your stewardess on your flight from Melbourne to Singapore last week. As I mentioned to you I am intolerant to some foods and this blog is great for recipes, suggestions when eating out and you prove that even with an intolerance or allergy you don’t have to miss out on the fun stuff! It was lovely to meet you and thanks for the cafe suggestions in Melbourne! 🙂

    • Hi Emma, Thanks for checking out the blog! I’m going to be writing about my experience on Quantas soon – and only have great things to say. It was lovely getting to chat with you. If you are ever in Berlin we should grab a dairy free coffee!

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