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The Zestfull 5 with Shahla

The Zestfull 5 with Shahla

The Zestfull 5 is a corner of our magazine that peeks into what other atopic folks are loving. From a book, they can’t put down, to a lip chap they have no idea how they lived without it, to what’s cooking on repeat in their kitchen. This is a tiny spot to find out what someone is getting up to because there is so much more to life than food allergies and this is where we celebrate that.

We thought it would be fun to launch this series with what is bringing zest into Shahla’s life. 

Shahla is an allergy mom of two girlies, one with food allergies and the other with atopic eczema and asthma. Shahla is located in Berkeley and has the most amazing redwood in her backyard.

What Shahla is loving…

ONE | Zester- Obvious right?  Did you know that zesters are great for more than just zesting citrus? I love them for grating garlic, ginger and chocolate too. 

TWO | I like to make a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime. Chamomile is known to have calming properties and health benefits. Ever since quarantine, I’ve started a nighttime ritual consisting of a hot shower, a cup of chamomile tea (I love the mighty leaf citrus blend) and no phones after 9 pm! 

THREE | No phones after 9 pm means that I’m either curling up with a good book or watching a show. I’m really digging Padma Lakshmi’s new show “Taste the Nation” streaming on Hulu. I loved the episode “ Dosa” where Padma travels to Jackson Heights and explores what it means to hold onto your culture through food.

This show really hit home for me and I wrote a similar post about spices, culture and food allergies coming soon.

FOUR | Lindiwe who writes the blog Allergy Table wrote a post recently on Allergy Moms through the years. She interviewed different allergy moms and there are golden nuggets sprinkled throughout the post. If you’re an allergy mom, check it out.

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FIVE | On a gloomy July afternoon, I peeked outside my window and noticed a whole mess of beautiful plums growing on a tree outside of our window. This tree hasn’t grown plums in the twelve years we’ve lived here!  It made me smile and think of the saying “expect the unexpected”.

Thank you for sharing Shahla. Now I am off to make a cup of tea!

Can’t get enough of Shahla? Why not check her out over on @myberkeleykitchen

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