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The Zestfull 5 with Nicole

The Zestfull 5 with Nicole

Zestfull 5 with for allergy mom Nicole

If you need delicious baked goods, that just so happen to be allergy-friendly and vegan, zested into your life then you definitely want to know about Nicole! 

Nicole is the allergy-mom behind the delectable blog Allergylicious. She is always creating shareable treats and baked goods that you can easily bake for your own friends and family. Nicole’s goal is to inspire you with food that is both easy and delicious, whether you have food allergies or not.

She lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband Tomé,  3 kids (ages 14, 17, 21) and 3 little dogs. Her son is anaphylactic to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (not coconut) and sensitive to wheat and soy.

A few of her favorite things are family time, helping others, and coffee – lots of coffee! You will see that family is definitely helping bring zest into Nicole’s life.

What Nicole is loving… 

What is bringing zest into Nicole’s autumn, take it away!

ONE | All the new allergy-friendly products that are becoming available. Like Nestle’s Simply Delicious chocolate chips.

TWO | Watching my children excel in Cross Country. Xander even runs with his epi and inhaler every time!

THREE | Having my entire family live close to us now. Both sets of parents are in town which is a first in over 18 years.

FOUR  | My pool. I finally talked my husband into getting a pool and we spent all summer in it. I love that it’s become a place of gathering – a place that the kids can hang out with their friends and we can host others as well.

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FIVE  | Baking. Although I’ve loved to bake for quite some time, I’m challenging myself with baking new things, thinking outside the box and teaching myself new cake decorating skills.

Want more of Nicole? Check out her blog Allergylicious or follow her on Instagram

About The Zestfull 5

The Zestfull 5 is a corner of our magazine that peeks into what other atopic folks are loving. From a book, they can’t put down, a lip chap they have no idea how they lived without it, to what’s cooking on repeat in their kitchen. This is a tiny spot to find out what someone is getting up to because there is so much more to life than food allergies and this is where we celebrate that.

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