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The Itch: A Podcast about Allergies, Asthma & Immunology

The Itch: A Podcast about Allergies, Asthma & Immunology

Kortney and Dr Gupta bring you informed and easily digestible information on all things allergies, asthma, and immunology. They want to be that friendly voice you turn to, to better understand your condition. They want to give you the facts, answer the questions you may have missed at your appointment, and help you figure out how to go on living your life after being given a diagnosis.


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  • Hello!!
    I have listened to your podcast and really really enjoyed it! My son has severe eczema, asthma and newly diagnosed with allergies to corn, pineapple and mango. We are struggling with resources on corn allergy! Even our specialists are unsure. Can you guys talk about derivatives? For instance, there are many items that are made with corn but it is uncertain how much of the protein is in the product – and the best way to know how it will affect my son is by trial and error. I’m so nervous that I just choose to eliminate all corn derivatives and it certainly makes it difficult, but his improved skin and lifestyle gives me reason to think that even trace amounts of corn cause him to react. Any advice on derivatives? Should we avoid all derivatives? Do you have a way of figuring out which items are more likely to have corn protein and which would not? Does that even matter??

    • Hi Alyssa, I am not well versed in the corn allergy, however will pass this by Dr Gupta and see what we can do. This is certainly an interesting topic to discuss. Thank you for suggesting it.

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