ZEGO Foods Seed+Fruit Trail Mix (Apple Cinnamon Bundle of 2)




Brand: ZEGO

Flavor: Apple Cinnamon Bundle of 2

About this product:

  • ORGANIC, SEED+FRUIT TRAIL MIX: Add taste, crunch, and nutrition to your yogurt, cereal, muffins, and more. Delicious on oatmeal or as a snack or cereal/yogurt Mix-In.
  • BEST SELLER! This Apple Cinnamon flavor is bursting with dried tart apple bits combined with the sweetness of dates and crunchiness of the seeds.
  • OUR CERTIFICATIONS: Organic, B Corp, Kosher, Gluten Free, Plant Based, Pesticide & Allergen Tested
  • PURITY TESTED: Free of glyphosate (herbicide), the top 12 allergens (no nuts), and certified gluten free. We test for all of them and over 400 other chemicals to make sure this product meets our high purity standards. We post the test results for you to see via the packaging QR code (see picture).
  • NUTRITION PACKED! Because we are grain free, just one-third of a cup of Mix-Ins will satisfy your hunger and deliver you 3-5g protein, 2-3g fiber and 12-15 carbs. Low glycemic and diabetic friendly.




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