7-Card Food Allergy Travel Pack




An Equal Eats 7-card travel pack helps ensure your allergies are taken seriously and understood when dining out around the world.

The message:

  • đŸĨœ Food Allergy Overview
  • 🗒ī¸ List of Foods that Contain Your Allergen
  • đŸšĢ Warning about Cross Contamination
  • 🙏 A Note of Thanks!

Our cards are appreciated by servers and chefs alike as its professionally translated card, in their native language.

The product:

  • đŸŗī¸ Available in 50 Languages
  • ↩ī¸ Double-Sided (English + Foreign)
  • đŸ’ŗ Credit-Card Size
  • đŸ’Ē Durable Plastic Card


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