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A Pandemic Teal Pumpkin Halloween

A Pandemic Teal Pumpkin Halloween

teal pumpkins for an allergy friendly halloween

To teal pumpkin or not to teal pumpkin?

Halloween is looking a little different this year, and it isn’t because all the pumpkins are teal (which would be pretty cool right!). Trick-or-treating and even trunk-or-treating, a popular alternative to traditional door to door candy exchanges, are considered a high-risk activity. In some areas of the US, trick-or-treating has even been cancelled. 

It makes us wonder, will you be skipping putting out your teal pumpkin this year? We hope not.

Taking Halloween away from kids is yet another hardship they will need to face this year. 

Halloween has always been a tricky holiday for the food allergy community as many kids cannot safely participate and communal candy buckets have always been a red zone even pre-pandemic. The silver lining is that the food allergy community always finds clever workarounds, which happened when introducing the teal pumpkin project a few years back. If anyone, we are more than equipped to make Halloween 2020 a special and memorable one. 

Ways to celebrate a teal Halloween without going door to door

Put out that teal pumpkin!

Remember that Halloween is also an honorary allergy awareness holiday. Teal pumpkins spread inclusivity and education about food allergies. Display your teal pumpkin proudly and share it all over social media!

Teal pumpkin spotting

For the last two years, we did teal pumpkin spotting, where we asked you to tag and share pictures of the teal pumpkins spotted in your neighbourhood. Let’s keep up that tradition even during a pandemic-Halloween. Drive or bike around your neighborhood and look for the teal pumpkins. 

Share on social media including #tealpumpkinspotting and tag us @thezestfull.

See Also

Have a teal pumpkin zoom party

Invite food allergy and non-food allergy folks to join you for a teal painting and carving pumpkins party. If you have a big enough outdoor space you could even do a socially distanced one. Once you are done carving your pumpkins get your friends and family to add some teal to help spread awareness. 

Decorate your house to bring some cheer to the whole neighborhood

Bats, ghosts, and all the teal!

Bonus! Make your own safe Halloween treats

Not all Halloween candy is allergy-friendly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try and make them at home tailored to your allergens. Or better yet make some Halloween themed goodies Check out this Halloween Treat round-up for inspiration. 

More Halloween without the teal spin

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