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Pancake Roundup

Pancake Roundup

Pancake Roundup

Pancake Roundup

Do you eat Pancakes on Pancake Tuesday?

Me + Pancakes = meh. I love the idea of pancakes, but whenever I eat them I think well that was ok or never again! Plus I always seem to have an insatiable appetite two hours after eating a plate of them. What’s up with that? 

All the iffy feelings about pancakes aside, Pancake Tuesday is the one day where you just gotta eat them! If you’re like me, you wanna eat pancakes, but don’t actually want pancakes, I suggest taking the loose interpretation of pancakes route. Like making potato pancakes, corn pancakes, or going crazy and making okonomiyaki! So many cultures have their own type, why not explore the globe through pancakes!

Or if you are sticking to the traditional flapjack why not switch up the toppings. Give Greek yogurt or bean dip or guac or chutney a try. Think of pancakes as a blank canvas, the stuffing and topping choices are only limited by your imagination and taste buds!

Need more pancake options? I have teamed up with some awesome food bloggers to bring you some inspiration.

Get your Pancakes!

Coconut & Corn Meal Pancakes by Maple & Marigold

Allergen-Free Pancakes by Every Day Allergen Free

Easy Pancakes: 2 Ways by The Inspired Home (GF)

Potato Pancakes by (GF)

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