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My new favourite ingredient: Oat Flour & Round-Up

My new favourite ingredient: Oat Flour & Round-Up

Oat Flour recipe round-up

Have you discovered the awesome ingredient that is oat flour?

vegan oat waffles

Oat flour is my new favourite ingredient, it’s versatile, tastes awesome, has fibre, can be gluten-free, and won’t break the bank!

So far I have used it in making muffins and waffles but it doesn’t have to stop there! I made a little too much flour last weekend for my oat waffles and have a bunch sitting around begging to be turned into something divine. So I scoured the internet and found a few things that have ignited my taste buds.

The really cool thing about oat flour is that many of the recipes online are top 8 allergens free, gluten-free, many are vegan, and if they contain an allergen a lot offer alternatives. It looks like my new favourite ingredient likes to hang out with the inclusive recipe gang!

Check out how to make oat flour in my allergy friendly oat waffle recipe post or buy some oat flour here!

Now the question is what should I make first?

Savoury Oat Flour Recipes

Oat Flour Recipe - bean burger

Take Me to Texas Southwestern Burgers from Go Dairy Free – Top 8 Free, Vegan

Oat Flour Recipe - tortillas

Oat Tortillas from Umpalarain– Top 8 Free, Vegan

Sweet Oat Flour Recipes

Oat Flour Recipe- edible cookie dough

Small Batch Edible Cookie Dough from Domestic Dreamboat– has dairy free option

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Oat Flour Recipe - blueberry bar

Lemon Blueberry Oat Bars from Delightful Adventures – Top 8 Free, Vegan

Oat Flour Recipe- Scuffins

Scuffins (Scones meet muffins) from Dreena Burton – Top 8 Free, Vegan

Oat Flour Recipe Round-up

Grab some oats & get cooking!

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