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Nut Free Cookie Exchange

Nut Free Cookie Exchange

nut free cookie exchange

I teamed up with some awesome allergy bloggers in a nut free cookie exchange!

Nut free cookie exchange

It’s cookie season because that’s essentially what the holiday season is right? Cookies, cookies, and more cookies! And what’s cookie season without a cookie exchange! When I was a kid, my mom would go to an epic cookie exchange with all her friends (who also all happened to be chefs!), and she would come home with a massive box of the most beautifully wrapped cookies.

The only trouble was 90% of the cookies contained nuts and the other 10% probably had some trace. As you can image for me, this cookie exchange was all about how beautiful they looked versus tasted. 

In the spirit of all things cookie and all things allergy free a bunch of us food allergy bloggers came together in a sort of virtual cookie exchange. Since we weren’t able to get together, we are all over the US, Canada, and Germany; we decided to swap recipes and each bake someone else’s.

nut free cookie exchange

The results of everyone baking another’s recipe was fantastic! I loved seeing how we all interpreted the recipe a little differently. The first set of pictures in the image above are the original version and the ones below were made by another blogger.

Amira from Top 8 Free Eats took on Kalter Hund and made it top 8 free and gluten free. She also Christmas-ified it by using crushed candy canes instead of coconut! Love it 😀 I would never have thought to add candy canes. Such is the joy of a virtual cookie exchange.

Making nut free cookies

nut free cookie exchange

I made Shahla of My Berkeley Kitchen’s orange macaroons. I love coconut and was happy to finally make macaroons. The fun part of this exchange was I made something I would not try myself. I will be making them again because darn were the macaroons sinful! I had to give them away because I would have eaten them all in less than 24 hours. Seriously!

We also had recipes from Nut Free Wok, Everyday Allergen Free, and EBL Food Allergies. I am so thankful to these ladies for sharing their recipes and partaking in the first allergy friendly virtual cookie exchange.

Now it’s your turn! Time to bake, where the only nuts allowed are the ones in your family?

Now to the nut-free cookies

They are in order from left to right.

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