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3 C’s for managing allergic conditions

3 C’s for managing allergic conditions

Confidence with food allergies

At Zestfull, we believe that you can live a full, joyful life even with the challenges that come with managing allergic conditions. How you get from A to B may look a little different from others, but as long as you have the 3 C’s for managing allergic conditions, we believe that you will triumph over the social, emotional and physical aspects of living with food allergies, asthma and eczema.

What are the 3 C’s?

The 3 C’s is a model that can be used to effectively overcome roadblocks that you may encounter on your allergic journey.  

We believe you will gain the 3 C’s by learning and collecting multiple strategies on how to manage allergic conditions. There are many different strategies you can employ such as a clear allergy action plan, an elevator pitch about your allergic conditions, or having good medical providers. Your strategies will help you gain certainty, confidence and clarity. 

Strive for Certainty

Knowing more about your allergic fingerprint will help guide your way because “knowledge is power”

  • When you understand what is happening in your body, you will gain certainty on how to effectively manage your allergic conditions. 
  • Allergic conditions are not stagnant. Making sure you are regularly checking in with your doctor to discuss your food allergies, asthma and eczema will help you address what is going on now and not what was told to you in the past. 
  • Knowledge is power: This can be as simple as knowing your allergy action plan, communicating it to others and how to use your medication. 

Gain Clarity around your allergic conditions

Relying on evidence-based facts will help you to gain clarity around the way you manage your allergies. 

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  • Relying on facts instead of fear will help guide you to make the best choices based on your allergic conditions. Gaining clarity empowers you to live instead of hiding behind a condition and letting it define you. 
  • Having a support team of medical professionals that you can trust will bring clarity because you are relying on evidence-based facts instead of sources of misinformation.  
  • Allergic conditions can impact mental and emotional health. Managing an invisible disease such as food allergies or asthma can feel isolating especially when you have to navigate social situations on a daily basis where you may encounter an allergen. 
    • In the case of eczema, having an allergic condition of the skin that is very visible also carries an emotional load. Being clear on how you feel will guide how you navigate your allergic life. It’s important to ask for help when you are feeling nervous, anxious or depressed. 

Confidence: You’ve got this!

Confidence comes from having certainty and clarity. Understanding your allergic conditions will help you to advocate in all areas of life. 

  • Take responsibility for managing your allergic conditions. These can be simple steps, for example; teaching your child how to read labels, learning how to order for yourself at restaurants, making sure you take your medicine or staying diligent with your skincare regime.  
  • Defining your comfort zone helps you become more confident in advocating for yourself. If going out for pizza makes you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and suggest an alternative. 
  • When you show up with confidence, others around you will take your allergic conditions seriously and respect your needs. 

Tools to help you with your 3 C’s of managing food allergies, asthma and eczema

Here are some programs and strategies that have helped our Zestfull team gain more certainty, confidence, and clarity along their allergic journey. 




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