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Fall Inspired Gluten-Free Side Dishes

Fall Inspired Gluten-Free Side Dishes

A gluten free side dish round-up

What is special about a gluten-free side dish? Are you thinking, well if it is just veggies then of course it is easy to make gluten-free. Correct, however sometimes when you label a dish as gluten-free people are averse to eating it. What we have seen from our culinary friends is that there is so much creativity that can go into creating some amazing dishes that are gluten-free and also very easily adapted to any allergy need. 

We have gathered a fun selection of foods from root vegetables paired with apples, not your typical mashed veg, things containing cheese, and what is a gluten-free side dishes  round-up without some bready items.

Gluten-free side dishes featuring apples 

Side dishes featuring root vegetables and apples are a fantastic addition to any autumn/winter meal. The earthiness of root vegetables pairs perfectly with the sweet tartness of apples.

Apple Sweet Potato Hash from Bites of Wellness 

Maple Glazed Squash and Apples from Nibble and Dine

Deconstructed apple sausage is a great addition to any breakfast! Plus no added sugar and Whole30 approved ingredients.

Bonus meaty side dish containing apples! Also great to use in stuffing: Deconstructed Apple Sausage from Zestfull.

Gluten-free side dishes featuring mashed foods

The classic side dish is a mash, but don’t stop at potatoes. There are so many vegetables you can mash, and using a fat like olive oil means you can even make a creamy dairy-free side dish. 

Purple Mashed Potatoes from The Devil Wears Salad

Sweet potato round-up

Sweet Potato Mash from Zestfull

Mashed Rutabagas from Fearless Dining

Gluten-free side dishes featuring goat cheese 

These sides all contain dairy, but you can make these dairy-free by simply omitting the cheese or using your go to dairy-free cheese.

Green Beans with Feta from Mrs Jones Kitchen

See Also

Roasted Brussels Sprout Pomegranate Pancetta Feta Casserole from XOXOBella (contains nuts, but you can leave them out or use pumpkin seeds)

Gluten-free side dishes featuring bready foods

And what meal is complete (especially Thanksgiving) without some delightful carb?!

Gluten-Free Vegan Breadsticks from Allergy Awesomeness

Crescent Rolls from The Vivacious Life

Homemade Gluten Free Stuffing from The Fit Cookie

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