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Get inspired holiday gift guide

Get inspired holiday gift guide

allergy friendly gifts

Let’s celebrate life with food allergies and nurture the glamour girl, outdoorsy type, or baking boy with our be inspired 2021 holiday gift guide.

These are some items the Zestfull Team swears by from pampering our feet with comfy slippers (perfect for anyone) to our favorite baking tools, and practical everyday items like water bottles (you will always find a Nalgene water bottle on Kortney).

Gift Self-Care

Self-care is so much more than just taking baths. It is about taking care of the holistic self from skincare and comfy clothes to a happy relationship with food.

Keila Alleyne Beauty

Glowy Skin

An allergy-friendly skincare or makeup consultation with Zestfull’s Beauty Contributor Keila.

Food Freedom

Book complimentary nutrition needs assessment for your food allergy family/friend who is looking for a more mindful approach to food with Alida.

Create the ultimate cozy place to listen to your favorite podcast or music.

The Baking Fan

The right gear will turn anyone into a baking fan!

The Waffle Lover

Because sometimes frozen waffles just won’t do! Don’t forget to print out our ultimate whole wheat waffles or allergy-friendly oat waffle recipe, so there are no excuses not to make a batch.

Get your Kiddo Cooking

Get those allergy kids in the kitchen early, take it from Sophie, she said the best gift her parents ever gave her were the tools to cook.

See Also

A Custom Cooking Class

Zoom with Amanda in this fun way to explore food with a customized class. Amanda will tailor a list of recipes to your wishes and food allergies.

The Outdoorsy-Type

Stay fuelled and hydrated when out and about. Also, the more gear the more fun, right?

Around the Globe

Since the pandemic has slowed down traveling, why not take a trip around the globe in your very own kitchen! Head to Japan with sushi, jet to Italy with homemade pasta or drop into Pakistan with a Masala Dabba so you can make your own allergy-friendly Garam Masala!

Allie Bahn - allergy inspiration

Dine Confidently Anywhere

Allie will take you through all the things you need to know about eating out with food allergies in her online course. A perfect gift to give someone newly diagnosed or to prepare your child for doing it on their own.

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