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A Food Allergy Support Team

A Food Allergy Support Team

Food Allergy Support Team

Having a food allergy support team will help you feel less alone with your food allergies!

Food Allergies: Feeling alone & a nuisance

Sometimes having food allergies can feel very isolating. There are a ton of things you have to remember and think about. Things like should I pack a snack because we will be out for a long time, or will the bar serve nuts?

When you have food allergies, you can’t just grab a snack or bite to eat. You also can’t go everywhere worry-free, like a food court or even the movies can be a nightmare when you have airborne allergies. Because of this, I have an ongoing mental check-list about my environment and how I will feed myself if I’m not going to be home.

This can feel like a lot at times and I believe it is important to make things as simple as possible. That is why you should create an allergy support team.

A Food Allergy Support team… say what?

A food allergy support team is made up of your friends and family. They look out for you and help you feel safe and unburdened. What I mean by unburdened is that if there is a situation that makes you nervous they don’t make you feel uncomfortable or a nuisance. I know that we have all been there!

The last time I was in a spot where I felt like a burden was with some friends at a Thai restaurant. I didn’t eat but went to hang out. A couple of people ordered pad thai, which is usually served with peanuts (I have heard this is the best part). I have an airborne allergy to peanuts and had to ask if they could get their dish without.

I could feel my heart racing when I asked since I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. But, they are my friends and for them, it was no big deal to go nut free for the night. Silly that I was so stressed! 🙂

Being open with those closest to you about your allergies and getting them on your team makes your allergies easier to deal with on a daily basis. I call the people who know my allergies and how I feel about them (sometimes alone and sometimes a nuisance) my support team. Having a support team means your allergies don’t worry you, don’t take centre stage, and you know you aren’t by yourself in your silent search for allergens.

Do you have a support team? How do they help you feel safe?

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