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366 days reaction free

366 days reaction free

Food Allergy Reaction - one year reaction free

Food Allergy Reaction - one year reaction free

Celebrating an Anaphylaxis Anniversary

Yesterday was the one-year ‘anniversary’ of my last hospital visit due to an anaphylactic reaction. I don’t know about you, but I always recognise the anniversary of an anaphylactic reaction. I know the dates of three of the five times I’ve been to the hospital (two I don’t know because I was young: 6 months & 13).

Today is significant because it means I’ve gone one year and a day without an anaphylactic reaction. In that last year, I have done the most travelling of my lifetime, I have eaten in many new restaurants, and felt more ownership of my food allergies than ever before. All the steps I take to ensure my safety be it at a restaurant, on a plane, or at a family gathering is all worth it when I can say I have been reaction free for 366 days.

I wanted to share this with you because as great as I feel being one-year reaction free, there is also this underlying fear I have leading up to the dates of my reaction anniversaries. The week before an ana-anni (anaphylaxis anniversary) I get crazy superstitious. I won’t try anything new or even talk about the day of the reaction. I don’t want to jinx it – actually I feel like I am jinxing my clean slate right now while writing this. *knocking on wood*

Food allergy support

Food allergies are more complicated than just avoid that food, and you’ll be okay. Food allergies take up space in your mind: fear, superstition, nervousness, embarrassment, you name it I’ve probably felt it at some point. But what we have is an amazing online community where you can find someone who is also feeling the same mix of emotions – you are never alone when it comes to living with anaphylaxis.

If you are superstitious about eating certain things or if you also throw away the clothes you wore on the day of a reaction because they are now bad omens, know that you aren’t alone. Like Alcoholics Anonymous I say we recognise our accomplishments, instead of sobriety, we celebrate days of being reaction free. Because you may feel you’re being overly cautious, or someone may something mean about it, but in the end, you have gone one more day without using your EpiPen and by golly that’s something to celebrate.

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