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Thank you to the food allergy partner

Thank you to the food allergy partner

Food allergy partner

This post is dedicated to the food allergy partner in your life. Who is your food allergy partner?

Nine years ago I bet my husband didn’t think he would be living in a peanut, tree nut, soy, and sesame free house. He probably wouldn’t believe that if he ate peanuts at the bar, he would have to wash his hands before stepping into the house, and have to lovingly push my face away as I go in for a smooch.

He probably couldn’t imagine grocery shopping taking so long because it meant reading all the labels. Or that he would become an ingredient sleuth.

The food allergy partner

Unlike food allergy parents and people with food allergies, food allergy partners have chosen a life with food allergies. My hubby never asked to skip sushi or write-off any Chinese restaurant. But love makes you do crazy things, giving up sesame included.

I’ve taken for granted all the things my hubby does for me. Not only has he forsaken peanut butter. He supports me during my times of food frustration. He double checks labels. He brings me back down to Earth when start getting paranoid about eating. He reminds me of things I am allergic too (I have quite the allergy list).

He asks the waiters to check if the sardines found in the Caesar dressing are packed in sunflower oil because even I would never have thought about that! He reminds me that life isn’t all about food allergies, that food isn’t everything, and at the end of the day I am not missing out… Thai food isn’t that good 🙂

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It takes a food allergy community

This food allergy awareness week, I want to recognize the people who support us allergy folks. The silent heroes. The label readers (food allergy moms you aren’t alone). The ones who are ok with our neuroticism and food superstitions, who will tell us everything they ate that day before a goodnight kiss, and who will describe their dessert in perfect detail so that we can go home and recreate an allergy-friendly version. To those who have opened their hearts to food allergies. Thank you for being our allergy support team.

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Thank your to food allergy partners
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  • I love hearing stories like yours. You are blessed with a selfless partner … one who truly is looking out for you. That is a rare find. He’s a definite keeper!

  • I remember mourning a bit when my husband decided to go gluten-free. We used to enjoy eating out without our allergic kids and to get special treats we could share. I was sad we couldn’t share a lot of the same foods, but glad to see him taking care of himself. Now I gladly cook gluten-free for the whole family.

  • When you or a family member has a food allergy, you resign yourself to the realization that there is no cure. Though the solution seems simple eliminate the food that you are allergic to that’s anything but simple in our fast-paced lives of eating packaged and restaurant foods.

    • Very true Debra. I think that food allergies ask you to slow down in this crazy world and give you the opportunity to pause and access what is important. We have to be thankful for what we have 😀

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