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Food Allergies and Anxiety as a Teen

Food Allergies and Anxiety as a Teen

Teen mental health panel

Sometimes it feels like the world has dealt you a crap hand of cards as a food allergy teen. You can’t hang out with friends without pre-planning. Your parents are trying to keep their stress and frustration about managing your food allergies a secret but you hear their whispers. Furthermore, you want to date but thinking about the whole kissing situation gives you anxiety. 

Let’s face it, being a teen is hard, being a food allergy teen can sometimes feel impossible. Can food allergies cause anxiety? The short answer, yes!

That’s why we are talking about how to find balance and ask for help as a food allergy teen. 

Allergies and Anxiety as a teen-watch now!

Allergies and anxiety from food allergies

Here are some things we cover in our panel discussion around food allergies and anxiety as a teen.

  • How do you know if how/what you are feeling is normal?
  • What should you do if you are feeling anxiety about going to parties/events because you are worried about the food there? 
  • How do you find balance and not let anger be your go-to mode when dealing with anxiety from food allergies?
  • Tips on how to approach dating and navigating college with food allergies.
  • How to show your parents you are gaining independence, being allergy safe and have a handle on your food allergy management.

We hope that you will leave this panel feeling more empowered to take control of your mental health. 


  • Sophie Malik, Zestfull Teen Editor
  • Tamara Hubbard, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • Amanda Orlando,  Author & Food Allergy Advocate 
  • Sydney Hankin, Director of Operations, Securing Safe Food

Moderator: Kortney Kwong Hing, Zestfull Co-Founder & The Itch Podcast Co-Host 

Food allergy management resources that focus on allergies and anxiety

Food Allergy Community Panelist Bios

Sophie Malik is a senior in high school who, since childhood, has managed several food allergies. She founded Food Allergy Alliance, a virtual discussion group where anyone who has food allergies or knows someone who does can share experiences, get advice, and connect with others. Aside from raising awareness about food allergies, Sophie is interested in math and science, and she loves to bake and cook, and hangs out with her dog Lucky! 

Tamara Hubbard is the creator of the internationally-known resource, the Food Allergy Counselor website, Tamara Hubbard, LCPC is an allergy-informed and family therapy-trained licensed clinical therapist in private practice with a focus on food allergy anxiety therapy. Her resources help the allergy community navigate the social and emotional aspects of life with food allergies. Visit the Food Allergy Counselor website to access these resources: the Food Allergy Counselor Directory, Exploring Food Allergy Families podcast, therapeutic worksheets, and links to other allergy behavioral health resources. 

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Amanda Orlando is a twice-published allergy free cookbook author and food photographer. She offers virtual cooking classes to help those with food allergies feel excited about food. The blogger behind Everyday Allergen Free, Amanda has lived with multiple life-threatening food allergies since birth. Find her latest book, Everyone’s Welcome, an allergy-free cookbook anywhere books are sold, and connect with her on social media at @everydayallergenfree

Sydney Hankin is a junior in high school from New York, NY, and is allergic to uncooked eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds. Sydney is the Director of Operations for the food allergy nonprofit organization Securing Safe Food. They aim to make food pantries more accessible for individuals with food allergies. In her spare time, Sydney loves to write fiction and creative nonfiction, practice playing the piano and fiddle, and play with her new Maltipoo puppy.

Thank you to our sponsors; Lunchbots, Stasher and Zoku for supporting our panel by donating a special lunchbox prize pack to one lucky teen.

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