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Hiking & Eating in Germany with Food Allergies

Hiking & Eating in Germany with Food Allergies

Hiking & Eating in Germany with Food Allergies

Hiking & Eating in Germany with Food Allergies

If you didn’t already know, I live in Berlin, Germany. My husband is German, but isn’t originally from Berlin. He comes from just outside of Frankfurt, an area that is beautiful in the Fall. Last week we went to visit his parents and see the vibrant fall foliage.

What we love to do when we visit the Main-Taunus-Kreis (an area near Frankfurt full of forests) is to hike and then go for a big meal or have the restaurant as our midway point. Hiking and eating is no big deal for non-allergy folk, but as someone with multiple food allergies, and like all things food allergy related, preparation is critical. Luckily for me, our destinations are chosen because they are allergy friendly. How do we know that? We call ahead to ask if they can accommodate my allergies.

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There is nothing more heart-breaking and tummy-aching than hiking for an hour and a half to find out there is nothing you can eat, and you have to walk back on an empty stomach. Admittedly, most of the time I trust the restaurant will be able to feed me something, but if I have an iffy feeling, I may eat a protein-packed meal before or bring some snacks.

If you are ever in the Main-Taunus-Kreis area here are my two favourite places to hike to!

Hiking & Eating in Germany with Food Allergies

Gasthof Jagdschloss Platte

The first time we ate here was at Easter. I called ahead, and they were very friendly at explaining what cooking oils they had and how they would be able to accommodate my allergies. This time we went without calling ahead (a little bit of a gamble since things can change) but had the same excellent service.

Eating out with allergies side note: When I see waiters putting in orders with a tablet, it always makes me a little worried that my allergies won’t be communicated to the kitchen. Bringing an allergy card with you is vital and insisting it is shown to the kitchen makes sure your waiter is not solely relying on technology to place your order.

At Jagdschloss Platte the waiter was fantastic and took my card straight to the kitchen. She even came by a few times to make sure I knew the kitchen was looking at the card and making my meal allergy safe. I loved this because I’m usually chasing down the waiter!

The food at Jagdschloss Platte is delicious and has a great selection of regional specialties – we had Handkäse and venison.

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Hiking & Eating in Germany with Food Allergies

Kaisertempel Ristorante

If you don’t break a sweat hiking to Kaisertempel Ristorante then you are in crazy good shape! You go up a huge hill that will leave you with a epic appetite. And the reward is worth it because this place serves some darn good Italian food and a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest.

When we arrived, I handed the waiter my allergy card, and he got nervous and insisted I take the allergy menu. I explained that my allergies are more extensive than what the menu outlines and it is best to show the card to the chef. The chef came straight out, took the time to go over my food allergies, and even served us the food. We must have looked like VIPs when the chef brought out our meals! What I loved about this place is they make everything from scratch. Many times restaurants cut corners but not here.

A note on eating out in Germany with food allergies

Most restaurants I’ve frequented in the Main-Taunus-Kreis have been able to accommodate my allergies. I do feel like allergies are still not very common in this area, so be patient with the waiters. The most important thing is to bring your allergy card and explain to them what you need to have a safe dining experience. It is not uncommon for the waiter to freak out at first, as long as you are calm and educate them about your needs I’m pretty sure you will find a solution.

Hiking & Eating in Germany with Food Allergies

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  • This is a great post – I’ve added it to my pinterest board on celiac disease and living GF. Any travel resources like this are so valuable to have at the ready! I haven’t been to Germany lately, but I do hope to go again one day in the not too distant future!

    • Thanks Jules! I hope you make it over to Germany some time soon. I’m not sure when you were last here, but allergy awareness and gf options have gotten so much better 🙂

  • What a helpful post! We have several friends stationed in Germany and would love to visit them. Allergy cards are so helpful when traveling especially overseas. Thanks so much for the great tips!

    • Hi Kristin, I don’t know what I would do without my cards – actually I make it a rule that I won’t dine out without them 😀

  • I love that it is becoming easier to dine out with food allergies in so many countries! And these restaurants look so nice.

  • I wish more restaurants were like that. So often the kitchen staff doesn’t understand about cross contamination. We have a German restaurant that is wonderful with my Celiac requests. The idea of carrying a card with your requirements is great.

  • I need to get some allergy cards! I can see so many times where an allergy card would have helped me. Even with as careful as I am, sometimes I forget to ask about something silly (like if there is soy sauce in a marinade at an American restaurant).

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