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Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies

It’s been 5 years since I moved to Berlin, which means it’s about time I shared some of my favourite places to eat out. The conditions for getting on this list are that I have eaten there more than once and when I talk to the waitstaff about my food allergies I feel they are taken seriously every time.

The restaurants and cafés on this list are my go to places and have been great at catering to my set of allergies. If you go to one of them make sure to talk about your allergies, I can’t promise they will be able to accommodate your allergens.

Maybe I’ll see you around over a big platter of brisket or a slice of pizza!

(The list and some words about each restaurant is below this handy map!)

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: German/Austrian Restaurants

→ Great for breakfast or lunch. Try their cappuccino (with milk) and their scrambled eggs!

Alt Wien, Gasthaus
→  Seriously get the salad, it is actually a bunch of different salads making one beautiful epic meal. They also make a schnitzel that hangs over the plate!

→ To quote my mom “I still dream about the rösti”. Be cautioned that there is a lot of cheese on the menu.

Eating in Berlin with food allergies

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: BBQ & Pubs

Bird Barbecue
→  You have to get the Brisket. Once you eat their brisket you will not want anything else! Plus its only meat, salt and pepper. Can it get more allergy friendly!

Salt’n Bone
→  Hamburger hold the bun, it’s a boring order but at Salt’n Bone you won’t miss the bread, plus it has sesame on it. If you are lucky enough to get a special – they make some good sous-vide meats.

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: Healthy, Tasty & Local Food

Rose Garden
→  There are a lot of allergens present in the kitchen, but they take your allergies seriously. I order simple food, but don’t feel like I miss out because they have good quality ingredients.

Michelberger Restaurant
→  This place can cater to me and a celiac at the same time – score! Check out my full review here.

Eating in Berlin with food allergies - local and fresh

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: Italian & Pizza

Herr Rossi
→  This is the ultimate allergy-friendly restaurant because the owner knows what it’s like to live with multiple food allergies! If you go, tell Gary I say hi. The only day there is fish in the kicthen is a Friday, and you may spot me there!

Terra Sarda
→  If you haven’t tried Sardinian food yet, then you’ve got to try the culurgiones, a mint and potatoes ravioli. Weird and wonderful.

Cecconi’s Berlin
→  A lovely selection of pizza, pasta, and funky salads this place has a little something for any appetite. I love the pizza and their Grilled vegetables, artichoke, stracciatella is divine!

→  This pizza is a chewy saucy dream. The crust is sometimes a little raw, but it works! They have a vegan pizza – if you are allergic to dairy let them know, but I’m not sure how much cross contact there is behind the counter.

Pizza Nostra
→  Need a slice in a pinch? This place is for you. I only get the parmigiana pizza all others pale in comparison! They have a pesto pizza and will get a clean cutter to ensure no cross contact.

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: Coffee Shops

Early Bird
No Fire No Glory

→ These places will all take the time to properly clean the steamer if you ask nicely.

Allergy Friendly Ice Cream in Berlin

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: Ice Cream

Chipi Chip Bombón
→ This is a totally peanut-free ice cream shop that takes great care in ensuring a safe experience for those with allergies and celiac disease. They have dairy-free ice cream options and will scoop from the bottom to ensure you get fresh ice cream. They also serve a mean hot chocolate!

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: Markets

→ Hit up Mani in Pasta (all the kinds of pasta are amazing – but try the ravioli!) & Sironi (safe bread… say what!)

Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz
→ Pizza & best for fresh produce

Eating in Berlin with Food Allergies: Chains

→ An easy and kid friendly option.

Eating in Berlin with food allergies - local and fresh

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