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Asthma Seasonal Allergies

Asthma Seasonal Allergies

Recognizing Asthma & Seasonal Allergies

It took a while for me to connect the asthma seasonal allergies dots. Asthma has been a part of my life since I can remember. From very young, sitting in my parent’s bathroom using my inhaler fitted with a spacer to the girl who couldn’t sleep in the tent at Brownie Camp and now as an adult using yoga for asthma to help with breath control.

Fast forward a few years where my brown inhaler (preventative inhaler – I called it by the color when young) sat on my bedside table as a reminder to take it every night. In my teenage years, I no longer needed to take the preventative and my ‘blue pump’ lived in my purse along with my Epipen for emergencies.

I went through a long phase where I honestly forgot I had asthma.

My seasonal allergies were very mild and as a result, my asthma took a backseat in my life. I would still have the odd problem with household pets, but asthma would never show up consistently. So much so I would forget to tell doctors that I had it and it would only come up when we discussed what medications I carried…. oh yeah I have a blue pump.

Recognizing Asthma & Seasonal Allergies

Asthma Seasonal Allergies

That was until I moved to Berlin and soon discovered this city has some intense pollen. The first year I experienced spring allergies in Berlin, I was convinced I had mono. They were so brutal. I can tell when spring has arrived because I lie in bed and try as hard as I can not to use my inhaler. So begins the six-ish weeks of possibly needing it every night, something I haven’t experienced since childhood.

Discovering my seasonal allergy asthma symptoms

Now that I have an allergist, I went to visit her last week and asked it if was ok to be using my salbutamol almost every night during the high pollen season. The answer was a big fat no. Time to get this girl to the pulmonologist and possibly back on a preventative medication.

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After talking to my allergist some more, she said it sounds like I have allergy-induced asthma and if I can control my seasonal allergies I may have fewer problems with my asthma. So as reluctant as I am to take antihistamines, I will try and see how this affects my breathing.

Allergies play such a significant role in my life, but I treat my asthma like it’s no big deal, that is until I wake up in the middle of the night struggling for breath. Being told I am taking my preventative too often was a wake-up call for me. Asthma is no joke.

Disclaimer: This article is about Kortney’s seasonal allergies and asthma now. It is not intended as medical advice. I will do my best to give accurate information about food allergies and asthma. Please talk to your doctor to learn more about the right path for you.

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