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Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Paris Part 1: Fancy French

Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Paris Part 1: Fancy French

Allergy Friendly restaurants in paris

Eating out in France is quite a challenge with a sunflower oil allergy because it is the most used oil in restaurants. This means, I don’t eat out much when visiting France, which is a shame since it’s known for its food.

A couple of weeks ago I had a girls getaway with my mom and sister in Paris, and it was all about food. Pretty much a 100% gourmand, stuff your face, food coma kind of trip. 

Since eating out is challenging, renting an apartment is ideal for allergy peeps. It takes the pressure off needing to eat out. We cooked two nights, but because we wanted to try and have a food-filled trip, a lot of research and emailing restaurants in advance took place.

Allergy Friendly restaurants in paris

What I learned is I can eat at two kinds of restaurants. One kind is of the break-the-bank variety; let’s call it Fancy French. The other is of the “why did I come to France when all I eat is Italian” variety. We will call it Interesting Italian because it’s Italian with a flair. The food didn’t stop there. We also took a walking tour called ‘Gastronomy Les Halles: Paris Food Tour‘ and visited the one and only Bon Marché.

The best part of the trip for me was I could eat dessert. This never happens! I even had two at one place! OMG, so much cream and butter!

Like my Iceland Trip, I have written small reviews of the places we ate. There is a lot to say about the restaurants, so I have turned what was one very long blog into three! Part 2 will be about the Interesting Italian restaurants and Part 3 about the food walking tour and Bon Marché.

May the gluttonous adventures begin! ?

Allergy Friendly Restaurants in Paris: Fancy French

Le George

Le George is a bucket list kind of restaurant. It is the brother restaurant to Cinq, which has 3 Michelin stars. Le George is at the George V Hotel, made famous to me by the film French Kiss. Eating at super fancy restaurants is great when you have food allergies because they have a massive reputation to uphold, and they are very accommodating. 

The food was r i d i c u l o u s. Out of this world! I had an onion Tarte Tatin (picture above) that melts in your mouth. Everyone tried it, and it was everyone’s favourite dish! I also had two desserts because I opted for hot chocolate instead of coffee, launching me into a full-on food coma! If anything, go there for the hot chocolate. It is quite the experience; they serve it with a special palette cleansing water, you get as much steamed milk as you want because it is so thick on its own, and the drink itself is pure chocolate gold!

Just look how thick it is! This is before we added milk.

Allergy Friendly restaurants in paris


Benoit is an institution. It has been around since 1912 and is the only bistro in Paris to have one star. The food is super French and full of glorious butter and cream! When we emailed the restaurant about my allergies, we specified I would bring my allergy card. The waiter thought it was a genius idea. He did make some jokes about my allergies when he saw the card (I have quite a long list) and then got serious when he saw my worried face. A year ago this would have set me in a tizzy, but I have come to realize that joking is a mechanism people go to when they aren’t used to food allergies. Still I can’t stop the concerned face. It all worked out. They modified the dish I wanted, and most importantly dessert was an option.

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Now, let me tell you about this dessert. I had the Savarin, which is kind of like a brioche. It’s pretty much a tasty cakey-bread thing that acts as a vessel for the good stuff. They pour a shot of Armagnac on it, which soaks in like a dream and top it with whip cream (I love whip cream especially if it’s made from delicious French dairy). It was two slices of cake that I had no problem finishing off all by myself!

My sister and I can’t even handle this dessert! ?? The Armagnac is the same age as me!

Allergy Friendly restaurants in paris Allergy Friendly restaurants in paris

A quick wrap up

These restaurants are once in a lifetime places to go, and I feel super lucky to have frequented them both in the span of a week. If you are looking for an allergy-friendly entirely French experience, I would recommend Benoit because it is a place like no other. You feel like you are walking into a different time and the food just screams French.

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  • oh yum!!! I’m crazy jealous- that all sounds DELICIOUS! I went to Paris a few years ago as a broke college student, and mostly ate at the “why did I come here to only eat Italian food” variety of restaurants haha. Still- everything was amazing! Glad you had fun!

  • We are going to Paris soon with my grandson who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. We will have an apartment. I am curious to know which moderate restaurants you found as well as grocery products that were safe. Did you find a safe Boulangerie? Thank you. Lois

    • Hi Lois,

      I don’t eat out much in Paris, but I can recommend a place in Montmartre called Le Poulbot. If you go with an allergy card they are great. I also went to an excellent medium priced Italian restaurant in the Marais called Salento.

      I like to grocery shop at Monoprix. Most items are in French, but they bold certain allergens so if you learn the allergens in French it is quite clear. As for a Boulangerie I can’t recommend any because I need to avoid them due to sesame. If you go to a chain like Paul, I feel like they would be helpful with allergies.

      I would suggest getting an allergy card. You can get them translated really nicely on this website:

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great trip!

      – Kortney

  • Thank you so much! My daughter has a severe peanut allergy and we are going to Iceland and France. She is terrified. I am nervous about keeping her safe, while also enjoying the local foods. If you have any brand names of items in France or Iceland that you loved, or any gelato or cafes you frequented, I am so grateful! Thanks again!

    • Hi Alli,
      Sounds like you are going on a fun trip! Two excellent countries 😀
      When you are in France make sure to ask what oil they cook with. I know that peanut oil can be common, especially for frying. I generally buy a lot of foods to take with me while sightseeing in France, the one good thing is that many products highlight the allergens in bold and have may contain statements. I shop at Monoprix and find their brand really good at stating allergens. I’ve had success eating pastries at Paul (which is a chain). Generally, I would stay away from ice cream shops because they don’t clean the scoops well enough and their are high chances of cross contamination. I have experienced this in France before.

      In Iceland I found everyone so accommodating when it comes to my food allergies. The only time I saw peanuts was at a restaurant in Reykjavik called “Old Iceland” – they were part of the fish special. I ordered the dish without peanuts and they cleaned everything before hand and even made a special allergy friendly side. On top of that my husband ordered the same dish and his came allergen free because they didn’t want to serve him peanuts since he was at my table. I’ve never experienced a restaurant that makes sure every dish at the table is safe. I also at a Ostabudin twice. Both restaurants serve Icelandic food. If you can have dairy you definitely need to try skyr (Icelandic yogurt) I ate this brand:

      The one thing that will help in both places is having an allergy card (chef card). Having one at restaurants has helped me a ton, especially when people aren’t aware of the severity of food allergies. (

      I hope this helps! Have a great trip.


  • Thank you for this! My 6 year old LOVES to try new foods. We are traveling to Paris the summer of 2018 and will be checking these places out. He’ll be thrilled!

    • Hi Jess!

      I am so glad to hear that you will try some so,e of these places. Another fun place is called ‘Le Poulbot’ in Montmartre, it is super tiny and kitchy but one of my favourite places. It would not be suitable for a dairy allergy.

      If you want a really impressive hot chocolate experience other than at the George V, I would suggest ‘Angelina’. I couldn’t have any of the pastries, but indulged in the hot chocolate and whip cream.

      Hope you have a blast in Paris!


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