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Allergy-Friendly Halloween treats to make with the kids

Allergy-Friendly Halloween treats to make with the kids

Allergy-friendly halloween treats

Here is our favorite selection of allergy-friendly Halloween treats as a way to celebrate and play around in the kitchen.

We have some decadent ideas, healthier ideas, and plain ghoulish fun ones too. Also, who knew googly eyes were so popular, we could have done a round-up just on recipes to use googly eyes!

These days it is nice to see more nut-free halloween candy and allergy-free halloween candy in the stores but if you have time, grab your kids and let’s get messy in the kitchen.

Also, in case you want inspiration on how to add teal to your Halloween check out this post on why I love the Teal Pumpkin Project.

Gluten-Free Halloween Treats: Ghosts & Bats

Marshmallow Ghosts – contains eggs, but you can also try using this marshmallow recipe which is top 9 free.

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Bats – top 9 free, gluten-free and vegan.

Nut-Free Halloween Treats: Monsters & Witches

Chocolate Swamp Monsters – nut-free with options on how to customize for your dietary needs.

Witch Ice Cream Sundaes – the homemade hat is what it’s all about. This recipe can be made using your favorite allergy-friendly ice cream, ice cream cones, and candy.

Frankenstein Krispies – top 9 free, gluten free with a vegan option.

Allergy-Free Halloween Treats: Mummies

Mummy Meatballs – make it allergy-friendly by using your go to pizza dough.

Mummy Cookies – super easy & totally customizable depending on your food allergies.

See Also

Banana Mummy Pops – top 9 free if you use allergy-friendly chocolate.

Peanut-Free Halloween Treats: Eyeballs

You can put the googly eyes aside and go for the real deal, well a sweet take on eyeballs!

Eyeball Cupcakes – lots of options to tailor the cake to your food allergy needs. In addition, if you are allergic to lychees, peeled grapes work as a replacement.

Eyeball Red Velvet Cake Balls – easily customizable to make top 9 free.

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