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Turns Two!

Turns Two!

Food allergy blog - allergy girl eats

Food allergy blog - allergy girl eats

I’m writing this post as I wait for my appointment at the allergist. To my right, someone is waiting as his skin starts to react to the prick test. The gal to my left twiddles her hair nervously. It has been 24 years since my last allergy test. My heart is thumping like crazy, and I’m trying to focus my energy elsewhere, i.e. writing a post about how is turning two!!! Say what! Two! I couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate setting to write about where the journey of this blog has taken me. I’m sitting around my peeps! My allergy peeps!

I started two years ago as a way to connect with other people with food allergies and anaphylaxis. At that time I felt very alone and thought I was a little crazy for being so cautious about food. But I was just another regular allergy girl! I know that because over the last two years I’ve spoken to other food allergy folks who have also felt alone with their allergies. If you found this blog because your newly diagnosed or haven’t met another allergy person, welcome. As one of the allergy superheroes reminded me, you are not alone.

A year in reflection

Food allergy blog - allergy girl eats

Over the last year, I dove head first into allergyland, from growing this blog to becoming a more active member in the allergy community, and hopefully, one day taking on a place as an advocate for all you allergy folks!

The big allergy news was that Allergy Travels launched. I never worried much about travelling with food allergies; instead, I just knew there are few countries in the “not worth thinking about travelling there with your allergies” box. With Allergy Travels we are opening up the world to food allergy folks by creating a database of reviews on how allergy friendly/aware a particular country is. We are slowly gathering those reviews and would love to have you add your voice. If you haven’t been anywhere, you can always rate your own country.

Another part of diving head first was travelling all the way to Denver to attend FABlogCon. It was a fantastic weekend dedicated to geeking out about allergies! I am even more inspired to be an active member of the allergy community after meeting so many people who have dedicated their energy to making allergic people’s lives easier and maybe even one-day allergy free.

Looking Ahead

Year three has some fun plans in the works. The one thing I can share is that we are adding a second voice to . What has been so surprising over the last year is how many adults I’ve met who have been recently diagnosed with food allergies. I take for granted that allergies are all I know, so staying safe comes second nature to me. But what if you are diagnosed as an adult?!

That’s why I’m happy to welcome Kaitlin! She will be sharing what it’s like to be diagnosed with anaphylaxis in her 20s and the ins and outs of adjusting to this new lifestyle. I can’t wait to hear more about life as a newly allergic person and see how we can all help each other live life to the fullest allergies and all.

Bring on 2018!

You may have seen over on social media that I was recently at the allergist. I will be getting a skin prick test in January, so stay tuned for more about that journey. They will be testing over 20 foods and pollens! After this testing, I will hopefully get to do some oral challenges and find out thresholds. Who thinks I should Facebook stream the whole event? 😛

Additionally, I hope to bring you more videos, nut & soy free recipes, and more allergy real talk. Now to you! Is there anything you are interested in hearing about? Let me know.

Thanks for coming along with me on this food allergy journey. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.

Kortney x

Food allergy blog - allergy girl eats


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